Friday, 25 March 2011


Have had a painful stomach for three days. Last night I ate some scrambled egg and was in bed by 9.15pm. But I woke up this morning feeling as if I'd been trampled by a herd of elephants in my sleep. Every muscle and joint is aching, my head is banging, my neck and back are stiff and I am dragging myself around. Then I remembered Mr G's step-daughter came round last weekend complaining of similar symptoms and now she's off work with a virus. Nice of her to pass it on! She works in a school so is always picking up bugs.

Now for something funny. I haven't been able to wear a bra all week because I have developed some itchy spots on my chest and the skin on my ribcage has gone super-sensitive and feels bruised and sore. (Hope it's not shingles.) Just now, I was coming upstairs and needed to carry a mug of coffee, my phone and 50 padded envelopes which the postman has just delivered. I use them when I sell things on Ebay. It was one of those occasions when you need at least three hands, but being one short, I used my hands for envelopes and mug and, not having pockets in my clothes, I shoved the phone down my bra.

Except I wasn't wearing one. The phone slithered down to waistband level. I nudged it with my elbow and it shot down my velvet jogging bottoms and out onto the floor. I left it there, dumped the rest of the stuff upstairs, then went down and retrieved it. Sitting here typing, I felt an odd sensation, as if something was tickling my left nipple. The 'something' moved. With a cry of horror, I shoved a hand up my sweatshirt and felt a 'tail'. A mouse? Up my jumper? I gave its 'tail' a tweak and out fell my mobile phone case. The phone must have slid out of it and left it behind as it went on its travels. I don't think I'm having a very good day!


Frances Garrood said...

Are you sure it isn't shingles? Because if it is, you need medication quickly! (Sorry to spoil an amumsing post with a very sobre comment, but I know a bit about shingles!)

Still, I'm glad it wasn't a mouse.

hydra said...

Thanks for your concern, Frances, but I don't think there are enough spots to be shingles. I think it's more likely to be an allergy to something. There are only four spots, but they are terribly itchy!

Perovskia said...

LOL. That was funny.

Okay, most of it was funny. The itchy parts not so funny. And possible virus. Hope you're okay.

Don't itch! :)