Saturday, 28 August 2010

Chimimi's latest tricks

Yesterday, for the first time ever, next door's cat wandered into the bedroom and in no time at all she was dragging herself around the bottom of the bed by her claws, kicking all the way.

Later, I was lost in my book editing when I heard a crash from the small cloakroom behind me. I opened the door and found she had jumped in the basin and was standing looking at me. Her telepathic 'I'm thirsty' message must have got through 'cos I turned on the tap and she had a good long drink. Now I'm getting an insight into the things she gets up to at home. I discovered her real human mum has been away for a week. So that's why she has spent every day with me!


Jacula said...

Why's the bar code still on the basin? Is it new?

Teresa Ashby said...

Those pictures made me smile - particularly the one of Chimini dragging herself round the bed. My cat Gizzie used to do that - often in the middle of the night which didn't half make you jump!

hydra said...

It was a basin that was bought for my last house and didn't fit, so Mr Grumpy did a swap with the one in his upstairs cloakroom, as that fitted the space in my house. as there are two bathrooms in the house, hat cloakroom is hardly ever used (or cleaned - just look at the taps!) Looking at the photo shamed me into getting the cleaning stuff out and giving it a thorough once-over!