Friday, 6 August 2010

Blushing tomato

I've been giving my tomatoes a daily talking-to, telling them to hurry up and get red (but not telling them that this is so I can eat them as that would be scary enough to make stay green forever!). Today, I noticed that the first one to emerge on the plants a few weeks ago is now turning a delicate shade of pink. I'm so proud!

Wonder how my friend Jacula's tomato plants are doing? Not that we're in a competition or anything. Well, maybe...


Jacula said...

Yours are definitely winning, LOL.

I had to smile at the comment about scaring the toms. Maybe you should embarrass them to make them go red? Dance about naked in front of them or something?

hydra said...

That would definitely scare them, Jacula. They'd probably drop off their stalks!