Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ghastly mistake

Saw a very nice house on Friday but didn't want to buy it as it was a) too dear, and b) too far from the station. Estate agents always want feedback so I rang yesterday and told them I'd liked it but it was out of my price range because I could only afford £X. This was no way meant to be an offer, but the next thing was, the agent rang me and said, "Well done, they've accepted your offer!"

I did not know what to do, or which way to turn. I knew this young couple were desperate to sell. They had angelic 2-year-old twins and had a larger place lined up to buy, and had lost two buyers. I had to ring the agent back, once I'd stopped reeling, and say I'd never intended to put in an offer and it was all a dreadful accident. This is why I invented the word 'orapedology': the art of opening one's mouth and inserting one's foot.


Teresa Ashby said...

Oops - how embarrassing.
I love your new word!

Joanne Fox said...

Oh no! I think I am often an orapedologist too.

Jacula said...

'angelic, 2-year-old, twins' - that has to be either a paradox or an oxymoron.

Two-year-olds are rarely angelic, twins even less so. Maybe they'd tranquilised them in readiness for your house viewing? LOL

hydra said...

They were fast asleep, actually (LOL). Two peaceful blonde heads on pillows. Aaaah!