Thursday, 4 March 2010

Barbara Windsor dream

I had the oddest dream last night. In it, I kept bumping into Barbara Windsor (for non-British readers, she is a tiny blonde, now in her seventies, who first made a name for herself in the 1960s when her bikini top popped off during morning exercises in the movie Carry on Camping. She now appears on our screens four nights a week as the owner of the Queen Vic pub in the Eastenders soap), and we became tentative friends, though we were not yet on visiting or even phoning terms.

I was out in London's West End with my ex-literary agent who was wearing a hideous blue suit and red tie (sorry, Robin!). I had popped into a posh shop for a look around, leaving him lurking up the road somewhere, and who should come in but Babs. We had a chat and it suddenly occurred to me that if she was looking for a ghost writer, I was the perfect person. But I knew it would be wrong to force the idea on her, so I told her I was working as a writer and book editor and hoped she would come up with the idea herself. At last we swapped phone numbers and suddenly - ting, lightbulb moment - she came out with it. She was thinking of writing a new, no holds barred version of her life story and I might be the perfect person to do it, especially as I had an agent all lined up and waiting (just as if someone as famous as her would need one).

Let's hope it was a good omen and something brilliant comes my way, even if it isn't Barbara Windsor's life story!

PS: I just looked up the meanings of dreams and, on the subject of dreaming about celebrities, I found the following:

Famous folks in our dreams are telling us to "Go for it" by integrating the positive qualities we admire in them into our own personalities. Reflect upon what this person symbolizes for you. The primary qualities you admire may not necessariy be fame, beauty or money. You may place greater value on psychological aspects such as their drive or even recovery from an addiction or tragedy. Get in touch with these aspects of yourself and work to bring them into focus and manifestation.

Perhaps, being older than me, she is a role model, showing me one can still shine like a star at 74! Look at the artful way in which she folds her hands, to disguise the signs of aging. See - I've learned something from her already!


Jacula said...

Must've been the night for dreaming! I had a really strange one. You'll see when I write it up in my blog.

hydra said...

Ooh! Dying to read it, Jacula!