Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cat v dog 2

I am right now trying to pluck up the courage to ring my friend and tell her she is welcome to come on her own, but she can't bring the dog. Poor old Flad's worst enemy, the bullying black cat, is back on the scene and is making him nervous as hell.

A year ago, it started coming in the garden and the result was a tremendous fight as Flad tried to defend his territory, during which he got his biggest canine ripped out at the root and came in pouring blood and couldn't eat properly for days. This was victory to Flad, because the bully stayed away. But now it is chancing its arm, or rather its paw, again and launching attacks on our elderly and slightly arthritic pet. It's younger, stronger and capable of doing a lot of damage. Last night Flad came hurtling through the catflap, tail like a bottlebrush, and took refuge beneath the coffee table in the corner of the lounge.

But imagine if the dog had been here and Flad couldn't come in/ He'd have no refuge anywhere and could end up badly injured. No, I can't risk it. So I'll just have to tell her. Wish me luck!


Jacula said...

You don't need luck, if your friend is a true friend. I hope you've stood up for yourself and Flad now, and that your friend is grown-up enough to understand that her dog is not her baby and can be left behind for a short while.

Hope it turns out well.

hydra said...

Haven't done it yet. She wants to come and stay overnight, so she'd have to find someone to look after it. I bet she'll decide not to come. She was tutting ages ago about how few people would let her bring the dog, because they all had cats. Well, now she can add one more to the list. I can't understand why Mr Grumpy simply doesn't care. He seems quite happy to resign poor old Flad to his fate. But I'm not!