Saturday, 11 December 2010

The red bag

My friend wanted to order a bargain leather bag online but she was going away to Oz for Christmas and asked if she could have it sent to my address. It arrived today in a ginormous box! I emailed her so she asked me to unpack it and... well, it's an enormous bag! Gorgeous, but simply huge, and this a lady whom I have only ever seen with small bags. I have just taken this pic and emailed it to her. It's not a bag you wear; it's a bag that wears you. Oh dear. I can see one of her sisters getting a rather expensive birthday present!


Jacula said...

...and I thought MY handbags were big. What a whopper! You really could get the kitchen sink in that.

hydra said...

She wanted it for her laptop but it's going to be too heavy, all that thick leather plus a laptop!