Friday, 24 December 2010

Candle-wax reading

When I was 11, my oldest friend's Russian mother announced that I had the gift and taught me how to do candle-wax readings. Over the years, I have done quite a few. I can't say all of them have been spot-on, but generally there's a glimpse of something that ends up coming true.

I shall never forget one in particular. A doctor who is now a well-known author and medical journalist, lived downstairs to me in 1995. He asked me for a reading, I dunked the wax into the water and all I could see was a giant sperm! We laughed about it, and joked about his rampant sex-life, but two weeks later, his regular girlfriend announced she was pregnant!

Last night, Mr G's lovely 28-year-old step-daughter came round, bearing gifts and a very nice bottle of wine! I had already started on the remains of one I'd had on the go for the last three days (I normally don't drink more than two small glasses in an evening). Over the next three hours, though, we polished off the lot. Mr G had to get up at 4am and get down to the butcher's shop to help his mate out with the Christmas turkey orders so he went to bed at ten.

As soon as he'd gone, Step asked for a reading. I did it around midnight. She's had a rough year, with trouble at work and the break-up of a long relationship which she thought would end in marriage, but as soon as the wax hit the water, I smiled as all I could see was happiness. Flowers, love, help and support from good friends and a brand new relationship. The letter M featured a lot and I had the feeling he had a connection with water - lived by the sea, or went diving or sailing. Mind you, her last boyfriend was a Pisces, so you could say he had a water connection. She says the last thing she wants to do is date another Piscean, but I had the feeling this new guy was born under the sign of Aries. Now I must look up some astrology info to see if Sagittarius (Step) and Aries are compatible. Bear with me...


Look what I've just found!

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman
The love match of an Aries man with a Sagittarius woman is one of those matches that were truly made in heaven. He will keep her entertained with his intelligence, while she will mesmerize him with her creativity. Their conversations will be intellectually stimulating. Both share a love for adventure and will mostly be on move, exploring new people and new places. Sagittarian woman will love his funny sense of humor and Aries man will find her charm intriguing. Except for a few glitches here and there, they will hardly find a problem with each other.

She could be in luck!

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