Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had at least as good a Christmas as I did, if not even better! There were a couple of low points. The first was when, with talk radio blaring in the kitchen, Mr G whacked the telly onto Vintage TV, showing clips and bands from 1968.

I was at the kitchen table in the middle of writing a complicated email and said, maybe with a slight whinge in my tone, that I couldn't cope with both and could he choose which one he wanted, radio or TV. Well, he went into one, switched them both off and went into a sulk, refusing to speak to me. This was before we'd even exchanged presents! I got a note shoved under my nose which read, 'Wot time u want 2 eat?' I wrote back, '2? 3? 4?' Then, fearing that this would go on all day, I turned the telly back on, gave him a hug, made him a cuppa and chivvied him back to some semblance of normality.

The second glitch was when he took the turkey out of the oven to rest it for a few minutes and test the temperature with his new meat thermometer, and discovered he'd left the giblets in, inside their plastic bag. Aargh! Panic! My mum had done the same thing years ago and the chemicals that had leached out of the plastic contaminated the turkey so that it smelt and tasted vile and had to be thrown out and we made do with the chipolatas and veg. However, they must use idiot-proof plastic bags nowadays and the turkey tasted fine. I had been wondering why the kitchen was full of fumes and my eyes were streaming, though!

The third was when poor Mr Grumpy took the roast spud tin out of the oven to turn them over, burnt his hand and dropped the lot on the wooden floor. I rushed to help him spoon them back into the roasting tin and hoped the heat would kill any germs. This was when I was glad we didn't have a dog!

Apart from that, the food was great, Step dropped in with some lovely presents - necklace and some moisturiser for me and a diary and calendar for Mr G, which actually was just what he wanted and I'd had to forcibly restrain him from buying some for himself (I'd chosen them when out shopping with Step last Tuesday). She also gave us an extremely filthy book - Pets With Tourettes - forgetting she'd given the same book to us two years ago. I have a friend lined up to receive the spare copy.

I only managed to drink half a bottle of wine, and crashed into bed before Murder on the Orient Express had even finished. Great night's sleep, lovely, sunny day today making the frozen snow sparkle. Happy Boxing Day! Above is a pic of our teeny, tiny tree.

And here's Mr G pretending to get stuck in the fleece-lined, hooded lumberjack shirt I gave him, and ending up REALLY stuck. Serves him right for being so grumpy!!!

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