Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas fun

I've really enjoyed the last two days. Met Mr G's step-daughter for some Christmas shopping. Then a friend travelled up from Pimlico and met us in a bar for some festive drinks. My friend, T, an ex-boyfriend from 25 years ago who is still a friend, is witty company and is also a brilliant astrologer and he and Step got on brilliantly, and he may be doing a chart for her in the New Year.

Funny thing is, I am always moaning about how bad it is to live at the furthest end of a long tube line which doesn't work half the time. When he arrived, he went straight into one about the terrible journey he'd had, being turfed off trains which decided they were stopping halfway, or changing their destination. Aha, thought I. At last there's somebody who knows I'm not exaggerating! I hope he got home all right 'cos I glanced at the Transport for London site later, and found that there were no trains from Uxbridge at all. I think it was a signal failure this time. Perhaps T is still walking wearily back to Pimlico!

Today I returned to old haunts. I used to live in an area between Kentish Town and Highgate, called Dartmouth Park. There's a great cafe there called the Cafe Mozart and I met two old friends for lunch and had the best ever tomato and butter bean soup. Double yum!!!

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