Sunday, 5 December 2010


Despite drinking more than the recommended dose of hospital laxative, 'nothing happened', so
yesterday I took Sennacot and Dulcoease as well and they hardly worked, either. You know the expression, 'sh*****g a brick'? Well, I had enough to build a house with and now need several more pile operations.

And on that merry note, I shall shut up about the blasted things unless anything dramatic happens, like my entire derriere falling off. It's a lovely sunny day and I have taken some even better pics of the goldcrest which I shall add to the wildlife blog later. Have a good day, folks!


Jacula said...

Oh dear!

BTW, Beloved got some great pics of a Nuthatch on Sunday morning in the woods.

hydra said...

How fantastic. Hope they're on your blog. Must have a look!