Sunday, 21 November 2010

A nothing day

I meant to upload some photos today and show you how my ginger plant is getting on - the large sprout is now 3 ins long! But I suddenly started sneezing and streaming, my throat hurts and it's clear that I've caught Mr Grumpy's horrible cold that he caught from his friend's kids who he babysat for three hours last Monday. Thank you, kids. How very generous of you to share your germs.

Flad is generous, too. He's shared his fleas. He gets de-flead with Frontline every six weeks and he's got another three weeks to go till his next treatment, but this morning I found a small flea on my hand after I'd stroked him and this evening... I got one down my knickers! It bit me twice, so thanks for that, Flad. I'm going to spray the sofa tomorrow, in case that's where they're hiding. I do love animals, but the one drawback is fleas because they love me, as do mozzies.

Nothing bites Mr Grumpy, of course. They wouldn't dare. Apart from which he, like a lot of older men, has a stubbly hide like a rhinoceros and as his veins run with tea rather than blood, he probably tastes horrible.


Jacula said...

Sorry you're ill. Hope you feel better soon.x

hydra said...

Thanks, Jac. Still streaming and had to go to hospital for blood tests, ecg etc. today, and now I'm booked in for the pile op NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! Far too bloody soon.