Monday, 15 November 2010

Carrot soup after-effects

Those people who say veggie food is good for you are not always right. I'm still suffering the fall-out from that carrot soup I made last Thursday. I think the onslaught of all that roughage (six carrots' worth) scoured out my delicate insides and inflamed my ulcer and IBS. I have a horrid stomach pain, bloating and wind, keep having to dash to the loo and, to make matters worse, at 2.55 this afternoon I have an appointment to get my piles looked at!

Yes, laugh. I can hear you. My chief worry, of course, is what happens if, when the doctor is peering and prodding, I just have to, er... No, it doesn't bear thinking about. I just hope he or she will be wearing a face mask!

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