Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another new cat bed!

There was a pet store next door to Argos, so we went in. They had loads of cat beds. "Ah," said Mr Grumpy, "here's a nice big one. Flad will fit into this, no trouble!" He bought it. He brought it home. I found the tape measure... and, well, you've guessed. It was no bigger than the one he's got already. Flad ignored it for days, then finally decided to try it.

Hmm, what's this? Erm... I'm not sure.

Well, may as well try it. My leg doesn't fit. Damn!

I'll try it this way round. Oh dear.

Ahhhh, that's better. Why didn't I think of curling up before?


Jacula said...

I think he needs a dog bed - labrador-sized!

hydra said...

I think you're right!

Perovskia said...

lol... poor Flad. All he wants is a big enough bed! I think a dog bed isn't a bad idea :)