Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Stomach ache again

I had a whole day planned out today. Two flats to go and see, a walk in the park with a friend, dinner with her later, staying the night in my goddaughter's London house to which I have a key, and returning tomorrow. But now I've had to cancel everything because my bloody stomach is playing up AGAIN!

I wouldn't mind if I'd gorged on prawn curry, but I deliberately took it very easy and ate the blandest things possible yesterday. Porridge for breakfast. Poached egg on toast for lunch and a baked potato with a rasher of bacon and some salad for dinner. What could be wrong with that? But I awoke around 3.3o am with the most horrendous stomach ache. Lay there till 5, got up (found Mr G already up), made a hot water bottle, took a Buscopan (for IBS and stomach cramps) and, between dashes to the loo, crawled back to bed.

Finally arose at 9, left various messages for friend and estate agent, and am now shivering in my cold office (only 52F despite the fan heater), feeling very sorry for myself and at my wits' end. I can't take any more of having my life dominated by my guts. I rang to make a doctor's appointment and the only one they had this week clashed with my chiropractor's appointment. They told me to ring back on Friday, when their computer will let them allot appointments for next week.

Over the last few months, my weight has dropped from over 10 stone to 9st 3lbs without me trying. I think it's time I got myself properly checked out...


Teresa Ashby said...

Trying to get in to see a doctor these days is an ordeal in itself!
Hope you can get in to see someone - could you be lactose intolerant? I am and two of my granddaughters are. It seems to be increasingly common these days.

Jacula said...

I've been having NO trouble getting to see a doctor of late, in fact been seeing more than I want to! Got the fasting blood test at 9am tomorrow and the stress tests on 23rd Feb.:-(

Hydra - I do hope you get something sorted out soon. I have a strong feeling your stomach problems are stress-related.

Perovskia said...

It's funny (okay, not really, but you know what I mean), because I had an attack that night as well, for the first time in a while.

Hope you're feeling better now.

hydra said...

Thanks for all your support and sympathy. I have an appointment for 10.15 Monday morning.