Thursday, 11 February 2010


Our friends with the kiddies have all had it over the last few days (and the two youngest have had chickenpox, too). Mr G sees one or more of them every day and now he is down with it. Throwing up and squits and temperature of 104F. Not good. Hope I'm not next.

The friend I had lunch with today has stomach attacks that sound just like mine and as a result, she never makes any morning appointments just in case. I generally feel a lot better by lunchtime and so does she. She never goes anywhere without a bottle of Collis Brown's mixture in her bag. I always take that on holiday with me as it is brilliant at settling turbulent tums that are on the verge of the trots but are not quite there! The effects aren't quite so 'binding' as Immodium and the like. Talking of binding, every day on the way to school, my bus used to pass a large white house with a brass plaque by the door bearing the name, Dr Endbinder. I used to think what a great name for a gastro-enterology or haemorrhoid specialist, but he was probably a psychiatrist!


Jacula said...

Norovirus - nasty! I do hope you don't get it next.

I've been researching your Dr. Endbinder. I think he was Dr. Harold Cecil Endbinder, a Jewish GP who worked out of Penny Lane. He was approved for his final exams (M.B. in his case) by the University of Liverpool in 1947. He died on 27th March 2006.

There is also another Dr. Endbinder, J.S. Endbinder, who was approved for his final exams (Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology) in July 1949, also at the University of Liverpool.

It think it's safe to assume that they were brothers.

hydra said...

Gosh, Jac, why did I never think of Googling him! How very interesting.

jenjen1967 said...

hi my name is jennifer and dr endbinder was my father, if you want to know anything please feel free to ask x

jenjen1967 said...

hi please feel freeto ask anything you want about dr endbinder as he was my father x