Saturday, 6 February 2010

Passport photos

The local chemist advertises a passport photo service, so I went along and had mine done in order to renew my passport. I did my best not to smile and to look straight at the camera, but I've just had a letter saying my pictures have been rejected because they can't see my eyes clearly enough. I always understood that if you normally wear glasses, you should keep them on for your passport photo. Now this letter tells me I must take them off! Without them, I look nothing like the normal 'me'. Nobody would recognise me! Still, I must do what they want or my new passport will never arrive. (Not that it really matters. I have great difficulty going anywhere, so I'll probably never go abroad again.)

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Jacula said...

They made me take my glasses off for my passport pic when I renewed mine last year. I was surprised, since I wear them all the time.

Incidentally, you're better off going to a photography shop rather than a chemist's for your photos; they get it right first time.