Sunday, 21 February 2010

A new problem!

Woke up in the night with a searing pain in my leg. Got up and hobbled to the loo. This morning the pain has settled into spasms. Five minutes of pain-free time is followed by a surge of pain that makes my leg feel weak and wobbly and incapable of holding me up. Could it be the result of having a heavy cat sleeping on my stretched-out legs for over an hour at a time?

In addition, my stomach feels worse than it did before I started taking Mebeverine. I've looked at various posts about Mebeverine and most people find it works very quickly. My GP warmed me that with some people, it takes three months to have any effect. Three months!!! I'm finding the tablets troublesome to take because they have to be swallowed 20 minutes before a meal. That's fine when it's you preparing the meal, but if you're snatching a sandwich on the go and have just 20 minutes to eat it in, or are having a snack in a theatre interval, or dining at a friend's house (how can you ask them to tell you exactly when dinner will be served when they are stirring pots with a glass of wine in one hand and chatting to guests?), or eating out a restaurant not knowing how long it will take before your food arrives, then how do you do it? I somehow think that I'll reach the end of this packet (a month's supply) then give up!

It was lovely seeing my sister. Shame it's always for such a short time. Their 3 am taxi came and went and I wasn't even aware of it as the earplugs worked really well. We awoke to empty rooms, and several bags of stuff our visitors had left behind, to be picked up on the way home. Oh, and, for some reason, quite a number of rather battered bananas!


Jacula said...

We thought of two explanations for the battered (assume you don't mean as in banana fritters) bananas. The first is not printable in decent company and the second is that they had some left at home and brought them for you to use up, but forgot to mention it. Make a banoffee pie.

hydra said...

I think they hoicked them out of their backpacks, having brought them in the car to eat on the journey. Banoffee pie. Yum!