Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Red hot!!!

Last night I reached the first sex scene in Fifty Shades. Oh boy! Although I spend decades writing erotica for men's magazines, this puts all my saucy words in the shade. The scene where Grey seduces Ana contains the most sizzling sex writing I have ever read. It kept me awake way beyond 2 am. All I can say is, PHWOOAARRR!

Off to the dentist's now for an hour and a half of torture. I shall imagine I am Anastasia Steele and it's not the dentist's chair but a leather chair in Grey's playroom in which I am strapped and about to be... well, I'll think up that particular fantasy later. And I honestly thought I'd lost interest in sex. This book should be prescribed on the NHS, it's better than Viagra!

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Perovskia said...

Holy hell. I need a cold shower.

/just read