Saturday, 30 June 2012

Good deed for the day?

I had a weird thing happen today. I was walking down the road to the Post Office and passed a delivery van. The driver was getting a signature for a parcel and another package was propped up against the back of the van. I was carrying two big boxes containing birthday presents, and could only just manage to carry them

The courier got back in his white van and drove off, leaving the package that had been propped up against the back doors of the van in the road! I couldn't run after him because of my boxes, so I picked it up and added it to the pile I was carrying and asked in the post office if they could do anything with it, but all they could do was return to sender, some mail order company in Oldham.

The address of the person whose parcel it was wasn't far away so I walked round there. It was an opticians with two flats above. A man was standing at the top floor window so I yelled up and he came down but said nobody by that name lived there. 

I took the package home, looked up the number of the courier company and rang them. They left me hanging on listening to awful diddly music for ages, so I gave up. Then I looked up the mail order co. and rang them. They gave me the number for Littlewoods, who they supplied goods for. More diddly-widdly-piddly music. Gave up again! Now I'm going to take the into the opticians on Monday and it doesn't belong to anyone there, I'll return it to Oldham. The label says the contents are a pair of 'Twit-Twoo boys' curtains'. I looked them up. They are blue, with owls on, and the manufacturer is Ladybird (remember that Woolworth's brand?) and I discovered Woolies still exists as a mail order firm. 

I must have racked up a helluva phone bill. This is what you get for being a good Samaritan! 

No, this isn't me, but that's about the size of the parcels!


Perovskia said...

Thanks for doing this :) I hope your parcel-seeking adventure leads to the right person. I think you're sweet for trying :)

hydra said...

Thanks, Perovskia! I can't help thinking about the little boy who is dying to have his owl curtains hung in his bedroom!

Jacula said...

Maybe it won't be a little boy at all, hydra, but the man of your dreams - a lovely man with a young outlook and a sense of humour. Karma!

Perovskia said...

Oooh.. see! Jacula's on it! Yes, we will hope it will lead you to a Mr. Tall-dark-and-handsome ;)