Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Dentist

I have had two visits to the new dentist so far, with two more pending. I arrived early for the last one and was in John Lewis's changing room when my mobile rang. It was the dentist, informing me that they were running half an hour late. "Great!" quoth I. "I can try on a few more things." And I ended up buying a dress.

Today I was at the other end of the spectrum, in the charity shop, to be precise, when my mobile rang again. Dentist again, asking if I could come an hour early tomorrow, at 10 am. Well, getting there at ten involves leaving the house at eight, crawling to the tube in heavy rush hour traffic, then standing for an hour and 20 mins on two tubes, squashed to smithereens. I said no. Receptionist tried to persuade me. Gently, I pointed out the problems of getting there in the rush hour when I didn't have to go into central London for work. Reluctantly, they agreed that I could stick to my original time.

I am now wondering if I have done the right thing in signing on with them. In 32 years with my old practice, they never once tried to change an appointment. Is this what you get when you move up market? I can only assume that somebody a lot richer and more important than me was also feeling reluctant to travel in the rush hour. Well, sod 'em! My appointment was made first. I think I am right in treating them as I mean to go on. The worst they can do is make me leave!


Jacula said...

You stick to your guns (that's guns, not guMS). I would!

Frances Garrood said...

Odd that I should stumble upon your post, because I've been thinking of changing a hospital appointment next week as it's mid-rush-hour (we do have a small rush hour in Wiltshire) and I don't feel like it. After reading your post, I think I will phone them. After all, I am the customer.