Monday, 6 September 2010

Glorious dawn

Had a bad night. Ulcer playing up again. Woke up around 3.30 am having had a dream about a 'sleeper' spy who had been hypnotised years earlier and was then re-activated by someone speaking the key words. Came to thinking I was the spy, then realised I had stomach ache, groaned, turned over a few times, got up for Pepto Bismol, went back to bed, admitted defeat and got up properly just before five.

I fed Flad, glanced at the sky, saw the wonderful patterns made by sun, clouds and Heathrow planes and rushed for the camera. Look closely and you can see a crescent moon in one of the photos.

I also snapped this double rainbow the other day. Lucky for some, but not me, as Mr Grumpy's young relatives in Edmonton won $10 million on the Canadian lottery at the weekend!!!


Jacula said...

10,000.00 Canadian dollars = 6,204.63 British pounds sterling. Still not to be sneezed at. Lucky devils! We got £2 on the dream number this week and Beloved got £10 on the Lotto the week before.

hydra said...

Well, that was better than a kick up the wotsit!