Thursday, 17 June 2010

Visit to dentist

I took an Imodium and my stomach finally settled. The hygienist was a sweet young Afrikaans girl with a gentle touch, a great change from the normal pick and shovel method that leaves you with aching teeth and bleeding gums. After that came a half-hour check-up. My gums were pronounced in good condition, my Greek dentist shaved off a bit of the filling on the dodgy tooth and suggested giving it another few months to settle down. But if it doesn't (prepare to wince), he plans to cut off one of the roots of the tooth in the hope of curing the pressure pain and then being able to crown it. If that fails, it will have to come out.

But then he mentioned my bridge. He didn't fit it. It is a poor fit and has a ledge at the back which catches food and could cause infection. He thinks it might have to be changed, but the teeth it is attached to are in such feeble shape that they might not survive the bridge's removal. I don't dare to think what his solution for this problem might be - or the cost!

My stomach is much better today, which isn't surprising considering that during the course of yesterday I took paracetamol, Imodium and bicarbonate of soda in addition to my regular Omeprazole and Mebeverine. I probably won't be able to go to the loo for a week now.

Was woken in the night by nasty stabs of earache. Doctor can't see me till Tuesday so I've bought some stuff called Ear Calm from the chemist. Hope it does the trick. My ear is constantly ringing and feels as if there is pressure inside it. I think it's a middle ear problem. Wonder if the eczema can get onto the inner side of the eardrum? God, I hope not!


Jacula said...

Oh dear, you ARE in the wars! Hope everything settles soon. x

Jacula said...

Hate to tell you this, but you know the fluid in the ears condition back in November 2009? I still have it. It's not giving me ear ache or ringing noises now, but the fluid's still there.

Jacula said...

How are you today?

Kristine Mayer said...
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Kristine Mayer said...

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