Saturday, 19 June 2010

Psychic Medium

Last night, I had a rare night out in my area. I'd got chatting with a lovely lady who runs a stall in the market selling crystals and she told me that Jeff Phillips, aka The Laughing Postman, had been booked to do an evening. Never having been to anything like this before, I shelled out £4 for a ticket. I nearly didn't go as it had started to rain and my tum was playing up (again!), but I was glad that I did.

The medium was a really off-the-wall character. Lovely man with a bubbly sense of humour. He went round the room 'tuning in' to different people. Luckily for me, he started at the back, because he was running out of steam by the time he reached the front and they only got a couple of minutes each.

The first thing he said to me was, 'You're surrounded by books!' Then he said, 'I've got a father figure coming through... He's singing a song and playing the piano,' and he burst into 'I do Like to Be Beside the Seaside', which my dad was always singing. He said how Dad used to love the family get-togethers when we all had a sing-song. Absolutely true. Like me, he could play anything by ear. He said Dad wanted me to cheer up and calm down!!! (Dad was always saying, 'Cheer up, love!' It was one of his catch-phrases and I'd totally forgotten.)

He mentioned the hat Dad always wore, but got it wrong. He said it was a cap but Dad always wore a green tweed trilby. He also said he saw him in wellies in the garden, but Dad wasn't keen on gardening. He said Dad wanted me to know his leg was all right now. I couldn't think what that meant, till I remembered he was always getting painful cramp in his leg which woke him up every night.

Then he told me that the spirits could see I'd been experimenting with different kinds of healing - doing it, rather than receiving it - and I was a natural healer and needed to find the right method for me. I was to take my Reiki Masters (Level 3, I'm only on Level 1) and study crystal healing. And my education was not yet over and I was going to go back to university to do a course in something, and might even end up teaching. (What? At my age? Professor Read? I don't think so!)

Funny thing is, I'd gone there wearing my mum's necklace in the hope there might be a message from her - or even from Louise, my friend who died last October.. I was very surprised that it was my dad who came through. Jeff also said my dad came from Manchester or Liverpool (it was Liverpool), and that I was about to get a visit from a friend from up north called Carol or Karen (it's Claire and she's coming tomorrow) and she would be inviting me to go up there much sooner than I'd expected. (She wants to drive me there tomorrow, but I've already said no!)

So... nothing of huge import, but very, very interesting. I think he also mentioned that I would write a book about healing. I've got Jeff's card and might just book a private session...


Perovskia said...

That's awesome. I'm impressed he got it mostly right.

So... what will you do now? Will you go for your Reiki Masters? etc

Jacula said...

I tend to think the overall message was, 'Your life isn't over and you're not stuck in a rut. There's time to become YOU again but YOU have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make it happen.'

What do you think, Hydra?

hydra said...

You're probably right. Why couldn't Dad have given me some more direct guidance, though? Spirits never seem to do that, though, do they? Though there was that time shortly after Dad died when he contacted me as I walked down the street and told me exactly what happened after death! I think I wrote about this ages ago.

hydra said...

I was put off doing Reiki 2 'cos there were pages of complex symbols to memorise and I gave up!

Perfectly Polished said...

Hello this is really interesting! Did you end up going to see Jeff for a reading? Where is the post about your dad, would love to read :) this topic so interesting and I've had a few spooky experiences myself over the years xx