Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Aaargh again!

My IBS pills have stopped working. My first lot, the ones that worked, came in a white packet with a bit of yellow on. I now have two new lots, one in a green and white packet and one in a purple and white packet. I tried the greenies for a couple of days and felt awful. Then I took the purplies and still feel awful. I had this problem with my ulcer tablets. Ranitidine in a white packet worked fine, but in a green packet didn't work at all. My god-daughter has found the same thing. Even Mr G has had this problem. Does every factory that makes them, use a slightly different method? There must be some small variation, but what? My stomach is right back to where it was before I started taking Mebeverine. I woke at 6 am with awful stomach pain, have made several dashes to the loo, feel no better and have to face a trek to the dentist of an hour and a half each way on public transport. Just not fair!


Perovskia said...

Comforts. Call the pharmacy and ask? Or even the pharmaceutical company?

jenny wilson said...

aww poor you. Theres nothing worse than public transport when you are ill

Jacula said...

Hope you got on all right?