Sunday, 27 June 2010

First tomato

Two weeks ago, I bought six small tomato plants, all different varieties, at a farmers' market and planted them in a special canvas tomato bag placed on a wooden table that Mr G built to keep them high off the ground and well out of reach of insects, though I had to wipe some aphids off yesterday.

In this warm weather, they are growing like triffids and I have had to trim a lot of stems off and water them three times a day. I tell you, growing tomatoes (and rocket, which is in another container that I have encircled in copper tape to keep the slugs off) is a major commitment, second only to tending small children. I have just spotted my first tomato. I bet my mate Jacula has already got dozens on her tomato plants! I await photos...

The flowers I planted last weekend are beginning to look good, too. To my shame, I picked up a plastic bag from beneath the tomato table and found it contained some poor Busy Lizzies that I'd forgotten all about as I didn't have room for them. They were still alive, despite the heatwave, probably because the plastic formed just enough condensation to keep them going. I have given them a good soaking and planted them today. I hope they will reward me with lots of of flowers.

(There will be a photo but Blogger has just gone on the blink and won't upload pics.)

PS: WARNING! If you have a rodent phobia, don't look at my wildlife blog!


Jacula said...

Jacula's tomato plants are struggling to grow. I think it's the nasty, cold JI No. 3 I got from the garden centre. Need to repot them in warm soil, I think.

hydra said...

Mine was garden centre soil, too, but we've had so much hot sun (or muggy heat like today) that I have to water them twice a day and have also pruned quite a few branches as they were getting top-heavy.