Sunday, 20 December 2009

My baby goddaughter

I met my new goddaughter yesterday and I am totally smitten! I've never been very good with babies. I've not had much exposure to them. I don't know how to pick them up (when I try they always cry) and am much better with kittens and puppies. But this time was different. From the moment Elaria smiled at me, I was a goner. What a shame she will soon be back in Vancouver.

She actually has three godmothers and three godfathers spread around the globe. As she gets older, she'll feel like royalty. But there'll always be a big, soft, squidgy place for her in my heart.


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Teresa Ashby said...

What a little sweetie!

Thank you for your card - the kitten on it looks just like Huggy, the half wild cat I had in the 80s - lovely x