Thursday, 28 February 2008

The taste of tea

Oh bliss! Tea tastes normal again. So did the strange affliction that affected my tastebuds clear up overnight? Did a sinus infection miraculously blow itself out? (I wish! I seem to be stuck with that one). Did the water company realise their mistake and re-flavour the tap water with the right balance of chemicals overnight?

No. None of these things. Mr Grumpy had bought a new kettle and hadn't rinsed it out properly before using it. He has no sense of smell and little sense of taste since having his strokes last year, but all it took for me was one sniff of that kettle, one whiff of brand new plastic, and I knew what had tainted my breakfast cup. Several swills out with the cold tap on full blast did the trick and now I am back to feeling thoroughly British again. Sometimes one looks for the most complicated reasons, before finding that the simplest, and correct, one is right under one's nose. Literally.

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