Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Perfect Day

Sometimes (not quite often enough) things work out just right. Sunday was just such a day. The weather was fine, LondonTransport worked like magic, for once, getting me to my destination, the Tate Modern on London's South Bank, a whole hour early, and finding me a lovely clothes shop where I was able to while away the time trying but not buying, and giving me a lovely reunion with two good friends, one of which I hadn't seen for 13 years. She used to be my art editor when I was in charge of a national magazine. Now, though aged 69, she is working full time in the art world and is also appearing as a film extra. I am in awe!

I rather like St Paul's from this angle, screened by baby birch trees. One day I shall buy myself a really good camera. For now, the cheapo digital must suffice. But I have found a wonderful photographer called Tinkerbell (check out her website at www.tinkerbell-images.co.uk) who lives near Loch Ness. She has given me the details of all the equipment she uses so, once I have a grand or so to spare, I, too, will be able to photograph a toad in such detail that even a longsighted witch would be able to count every wart on its slimy hide.

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