Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Actually, it should be 'eye' in the singular. Long story short, I got a torn retina in my right eye, spent hours at first my local hospital, then an eye hospital in central London, then had my torn bit lasered by a doctor who was using the wrong machine because he had left his own glasses at home! After three or four nerve-racking attempts, he asked the consultant for help.Mr Consultant, very grumpy at being snatched away from his private patients, mended my eye with the correct laser machine, then swept out before I could ask all the questions that were on my mind, such as, would the various attempts with the wrong machine have caused any damage to my eye?

I can barely see out of it at the moment. Everything is blurred, covered in what looks like a black sandstorm, and I can't work or read as the eye I am now relying on is my 'bad' eye. It's the good eye that developed the tear. Apparently, it's more likely to happen in people aged 60-70 with severe short-sight and green or blue eyes. I tick all the boxes.

Luckily, a friend assured me that when he suffered the same thing, it was two or three weeks before his vision began to improve. Cross your fingers for me and I'll carry on crossing my eyes!


Maria said...

I hope you make a speedy recovery. I'm not good when it comes to eyes I'm terribly squeamish.

Best wishes

Teresa Ashby said...

How awful - I was wincing as I read this and I'm squirming now - how awful about the mistake with the wrong machine! I hope your eye feels better very soon.

I must say you look very fetching in your eye-patch :-) x

Jacula said...

Arrr you talking like a pirate? xx