Thursday, 13 December 2012

Heirs and Disgraces

I've just been watching Heir Hunters and it got me thinking about the difficulties the hunters have had if I died intestate. I found it interesting that they assume an heir's relatives would still be living in the same area where the deceased person died. How would they have coped with me? Born in Liverpool, lived in London for decades, one child who was adopted and now lives in Devon, and one sister who has been married three times - all those different surnames! - and now lives in Cumbria! It's lucky I've made a Will, isn't it?

I had no idea that heir-hunting was such a cut-throat business, with firms vying to be first to track down the heirs, like a flock of vultures - though the ones I was watching this morning had a pleasant, soothing manner with the deceased's family. I wonder what percentage they take? If it's ten percent and the estate is only valued at £10,000,  a grand doesn't seem much for all that sleuthing and dashing about the country, petrol to pay for, wages to pay. But why should the government snatch somebody's life savings? That doesn't seem fair at all. It's a bloody disgrace! It would be far better to give it to charity. What do you think?

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