Thursday, 13 December 2012

Charlie the Outdoor Cat

He must have fur like a husky to withstand the temperatures we've been getting, but he seems quite happy to sit and survey the frosty garden from his perch beneath the stand on which I grew my tomatoes.

We think he's been sleeping under a shed a few doors away, but as he comes here for his meals, Mr Grumpy cut a hole in a big box, wadded some paper underneath to keep the base off the cold concrete path at the side of the house, where it's sheltered by a plastic canopy, and I put Chi Mimi's old cat bed in it. He seems to have taken up residence.

Only problem is, Chi Mimi's owners are going away for Christmas and we are feeding her, her brother Junior and their mum, Mimi (a devil cat who attacks everything and everyone!). What this means is that Chi Mimi, who loves company and pines if she's not with humans, will move in here and will, of course, look for her old cat bed. I can foresee a major dust-up and a few scratched noses.

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