Friday, 2 November 2012

Sometimes I hate being a writer

Writing will not let you sleep.
There's just no point in counting sheep.
They'll jump in ones and twos and threes
and develop personalities
and then instead of a lovely snooze,
you'll be dreaming up plots about rams and ewes.

Writing will not let you doze.
Your characters keep you on your toes.
They'll wake you up at some ghastly hour
saying, "I don't want to marry that girl from Gower
and the shirt I was wearing in Chapter Two
suddenly changed from white to blue."

Writing will not let you rest.
Of all the stimulants, it's the best.
In the midst of a dream of love and rapture,
you'll wake up knowing your latest chapter
over which you wept and sweated blood
is absolutely no effing good!

Writing will not let you dream.
You're scared your plot's run out of steam.
You've typed and typed till you're ready to drop
but still the climax is a big wet flop.
Bet your life the solution will form
at three o'clock tomorrow morn.


Jacula said...

Brilliant! :-)

Perovskia said...

I loved this! It made me smile :)

Your effort is appreciated and I hope others see that, too :) x

hydra said...

You're so sweet, Perov! x