Friday, 26 October 2012

Violent sunset and sexy words

I took this three days ago. It heralded the change in the weather from 'Will we get that Indian summer?' to 'No, we won't!'

Half an hour ago, Mr Grumpy announced he was going to give the grass its last cut of the season as the cold wind was drying it all out nicely. I had just popped out to replenish the bird feeders and came back and told him - with, I admit, a slight smirk in my voice - that it was, in fact, starting to rain. Undeterred, he ventured out with his petrol mower and as the rain picked up, I sped out with the brolly I gave him with the rude finger sign on it and he finished mowing under cover!

The book is coming along well. I have written 20,000 words since a week last Sunday, though I am constantly revising and rewriting. My task today is to change a text message sex conversation to an actual telephone one as I am sick and tired of trying to think up abbreviations for rude words!


Jacula said...

How's it going?

Loved the pic of Mr. Grumpy mowing the lawn with his grumpu umbrella up.

hydra said...

I gave him the brolly for his birthday and he gets great fun out of it.