Saturday, 24 November 2012

Today 'The End', tomorrow the rewrites

Yes, as anyone who is a Facebook friend of mine will already know, I have finished Book 2 of Perfect Lives. I am in two minds about what the publisher is doing, but hell, a contract is a contract. Book 1 ends on a kind of a cliffhanger, where you don't know if one of my heroines will ever manage to find the love of her life, who has disappeared. You have to read Book 2 to find out. I just hope that people won't mind paying £3.99 twice over to discover what happens in Book 2.

I am now in that odd state of limbo which I'm sure other writers know ever so well. I have sent off the final chapters and closed the door on my lovely characters and am missing them already. But I have been warned that suggestions for edits and changes will come my way shortly, so I can say a brief hello to them all again then. It's weird the way the characters still live on in your head. Already, I am wondering who will get engaged, married or separated, or have babies, or move to another country. I never introduced readers to the gay brother, and we'll never know if another character's mother has a change of heart (I think she will, as I have planted the seeds).

I have another book that is three-quarters written. It's called Half a Rainbow. Those poor characters were left dangling in space three years ago and it's high time I rescued them.

When I have a publication date for Perfect Lives, I'll let you know. It's so exciting being published again, after six years in the doldrums. (Hmm... what exactly is a doldrum? Looking it up... Ah. An Equatorial calm area. That place where the wind don't blow and the ship don't go. Now I know!)