Monday, 15 October 2012

Grotty gloves

A fee months ago, I purchased a pair of smart black and red neoprene hand support gloves online. When they arrived, I soon discovered I couldn't type in them as they were too bulky. I had ordered Medium but they were a bit big, too. However, I decided to keep them, sure they would come in handy for something.

When my fingers were particularly bad last week - it's typing under pressure that does it - I sent off for a pair of compression gloves for arthritic hands. They have now arrived and while they are much thinner and expose enough of my fingers to allow me to type, they are simply too big (one size was supposed to fit all) and, far from compressing and supporting, they look like Norah Batty's stockings, wrinkling around my hands, and are also an ugly shade of old lady's corset beige.

At a fiver including postage, I couldn't be bothered sending them back, so I had the bright idea of wearing one inside the neoprene glove. Perfect! I can now do household chores with enough hand support. Which leaves my typing fingers still sans help. However, on Saturday, I did loads of Googling and found a much more expensive pair - £17.99 - in a woolly-looking grey. The reviews raved about them so I have ordered them in Small this time, instead of Medium. Let's hope these do the trick. If not, I shall just have to wear them in winter with my grey scarf and hat!

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