Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Abandoned streets

On Sunday, a friend and I set out to visit the WW11 RAF Command Centre bunker at what was RAF Uxbridge before they moved out a few months ago. Some of the buildings are still in use, though, and we were greeted by a spotty cadet who informed us that there was a TWO HOUR wait to see the bunker because the open day was so popular. It was part of the British heritage open days that are happening all over the country.

We didn't want to sit in the car and roast for two hours (it was the last sunny day of summer) so we parked and disembarked and my friend, hobbling with a stick following her hip replacement six weeks ago, decided we should try and find the public footpath that bisects the camp and comes out in central Uxbridge. We soon found it, but it wasn't a proper footpath any more, just a section of roadway that was cordoned off with chainlink fencing. However, it took us through some interesting sights.

The first two were a glorious meadow with a river at the far side (the Pym, we think) and a stile right in the middle. There must have been a fence or hedge there at some time. On the other side of the road was this wonderful wild field with an empty bungalow at the far side where I would love to have lived.

About ten minutes further on, we came upon this eerie street full of abandoned houses. Apparently, most of the grounds have been sold to developers and these gorgeous houses are going to be demolished (shame!), but for now, they are being used by a film company so keep your eyes peeled. It looked quite creepy, with broken windows and lots of ivy, so perhaps it's a horror film.

Later, we spotted this fabulous house which would have made a great restaurant, or even a theatre (they are going to build one somewhere on the grounds), but I guess this is scheduled to be razed to the ground, too. I think that's where I'd really like to live!

PS I'm probably not supposed to have taken these photos. I only achieved them by poking the camera lens through the chainlink fence. So if you don't hear from me again, it will be because I've been arrested by the MOD!


Teresa Ashby said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love the contrast of light and shade you get around trees that seems so much deeper at this time of year.

What a shame those lovely houses are to be demolished.

I don't blame you for not waiting for two hours to see the bunker - the walk sounds much nicer. And I love the thought of you poking your camera in places you shouldn't :-) x

Perovskia said...

You rebel, you :P

Great pics.

hydra said...

Glad you liked the photos! :-)