Saturday, 22 September 2012

Just a quickie

I don't think I should post another blog entry until I have something cheerful and positive to say. You must all be getting very fed up with me.

When not writing, I have been catching up with all the TV I have recorded and leching after the 1940s coats and skirts in The Bletchley Circle and loving the interplay of characters in Downton. But... I missed Dr Who tonight and Professor Brian Cox (drool) was in it!!!

Can't remember when I last had a walk of longer than ten minutes. When and if I finish this book, not having had a holiday for so long, I think I'll go off to a spa. Wonder if I can find one somewhere where the weather is still warm and I don't need socks and a hot water bottle?


Teresa Ashby said...

Oh bless you, I hope things work out with the flat and the accounts and everything.

Brian Cox (agree - drool) wasn't in Dr Who very long - I was flicking through a magazine while it was on and I missed him so I had to rewind!

I think a spa break when you finish the book would be a very good idea x

Jacula said...

Brian Cox is quite sweet but I prefer Neil Oliver, the sexy Scottish guy doing 'The Vikings' series at the moment.