Friday, 3 August 2012

All Change!

Well, two problems have solved themselves instantly. The offer of my friend's flat in Highgate has been withdrawn because a family member needs to stay there (gutted; was really looking forward to it and had booked up lots of property viewings which I shall now have to cancel as it's too far to keep going there and coming back to where I live - two hours each way on a variety of trains and buses).

The second is that my sister will be having a mad week next week. Not only does she have her art show, which entails hanging all her paintings and getting the last few framed, but she is being filmed for a TV documentary next Thursday - don't know the details yet - and has various climbing friends staying. So we won't be able to have any quality time together, which is what I long for, not having seen her for two long years! She's going away on another long trip on Aug 31st and I have yet another dental appointment on the 21st, so I hope we can get together in one of those 'windows' and have a spa day. I really do miss her and I get horrible flashbacks to my friend Louise, who I didn't see for 18 months because of my infected tooth - I was getting abscess after abscess and didn't feel up to going on holiday to Cornwall, and then she suddenly died. If that were to happen to my sister...

No! Mustn't think such doomy thoughts. Wouldn't have had them at all if I hadn't made a nasty typo in my email to her last night. Instead of 'Dear Sis', I found I'd typed 'Dead Sis'. 'Oh my God, it's an omen!' I thought in panic. But even though it was just me being silly, it's made me all the keener to get up to Patterdale as soon as possible, to see my 'dear Sis'!

Here are two paintings of hers which I have hanging on my bedroom wall. The first is a watercolour of Striding Edge in Cumbria, near where she lives, and the second is a little pastel drawing of two Long-Tailed Tits in the snow.

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Perovskia said...

Aw.. I do hope you get to see your *dear* sis :) It will work out. Sorry the other plans didn't. xx