Friday, 20 July 2012

Willy Cake!

Mr G's step-daughter is chief bridesmaid for a friend of hers. She had to organise the hen-do tomorrow and didn't know what to do for a special cake. So I had a bright idea. A willy cake! Our friend A, mother of the five boys, makes cakes so I rang her and she said she would be only too delighted to have a go. Here it is.

I think it's almost too realistic! Step drew the line at my suggestion of filling it with cream that would squirt out at the touch of a knife, simply because there will be some relatives of the bride-to-be there who might be a bit straight and lacking a dirty sense of humour. I said in that case she could turn it the other way up and say it was meant to represent a bouquet of pink flowers, or a cupid in pink angel wings. No? I didn't think so, either!


Teresa Ashby said...

Love it! I've never seen a willy cake before - what a sheltered life I've had!

Jacula said...

I've got a plastic 'willy mould' for making jelly or maybe a pink blancmange. I've had it for years and it's still in the original wrapper. I was going to christen it when you were coming to stay a few years ago, Hydra. Didn't happen in the end, sadly.

And, no, the pink bouquet story wouldn't hold! :-)