Saturday, 14 July 2012

Writers' blog and summer washout

The writers amongst you might be interested in the following blog which a friend told me about today. She follows it on Twitter. It contains a load of good advice about various aspects of writing.

Sorry I haven't written a new blog entry for a while. The last one wore me out! I spent about two hours on it,  including finding and scanning old photos. It's great fun to do that once in a while though, isn't it? Especially when it's part of your own personal history.

I'm wondering whether to splash out to my local carnival today, or whether it will be rained off. I've got some wellies. It's two bus rides away. My other choice is to accompany Mr Grumpy to a kids' party which he is going to as official photographer. There could be 30-plus nine-year-olds screaming about in a giant marquee.   On second thoughts, I'll take the carnival!

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