Monday, 23 July 2012

Foiled again

Yet again, I found a perfect property. Yet again I offered the full asking price and was the first to do so. Yet again, the agent has decided to hold a blind bidding session to see how much more money he can get for it. This is even though the downstairs neighbour, who I chatted to at length about his wonderful cat, recommended me to the seller and said he hopes I get it.

Bur I shan't as I can't afford to pay any more, and it's just not fair. I feel as if I am trapped in this noisy, flea-ridden house for ever.


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hydra said...

It's getting crucial because I have a publisher asking for sample chapters and I JUST CAN'T WRITE here!!! A whole day has gone by today, with so many of Mr Grumpy's friends trooping in and out and so many phone calls to leap up and answer because he was in the garage or down the garden, that I was unable to do any work at all. I am at my wits' end.

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