Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What if...?

I'm going up north to Cumbria tomorrow, taking my friend J. to meet my sister. I've been careful with my diet but this morning I woke up with a dreadful stomach ache and have made lots of trips to the loo.

I love visiting my sister. She's so busy with her riding, climbing, cycling and ski-ing that she and her husband are hardly ever home, so it was great to find a gap on her calender. We are having a spa day on Saturday, so what's not to look forward to?

That said, then why the bad tum? I have thought and thought and come to the conclusion that the thing at the heart of my anxiety is fear of something going wrong with my teeth while I am up there. I have two temporary fillings at present, and that tooth that has been giving me trouble for 18 months, and has prevented me from having any foreign holidays, is still infected.

As I lay in bed last night, I was getting separate twinges in five different teeth! I know most of it is psychosomatic and stress-related, but I haven't been able to banish the thing that I call 'the curse of the what-ifs'. Anyone got any advice, short of having all my teeth taken out?!


Teresa Ashby said...

Too late to suggest you take Kalms or anything like that. Rescue Remedy? - they do little pastilles now as well as the drops.

I get wound up like you and I try to think of the worst thing that can happen and plan for it then you feel at least you have some control.

Don't let it spoil your visit - think of all you have to look forward to and tell yourself that when you get home you'll look back and wonder what on earth you were worrying about - positive thinking!

Now off you go and have a lovely time!

Perovskia said...

I have the Rescue Remedy pastilles. They help. Give 'er a go. And that deep breathing technique you told me ;)