Sunday, 24 October 2010


It was Uxbridge's annual street festival today and while it would have been better if they had rerouted the buses, as they do for other events, so that visitors didn't have to dodge the traffic and they could have fitted in a lot more stalls, the bands were great. I was particularly taken with an acoustic trio who called themselves Rub a Dub and had a bubble machine on the platform they were standing on. Anyone who could play guitar in the open air on such a freezing day has to be applauded, and their songs were tuneful and catchy.

Here are a few of the odd sights I saw...

Is she sprinting to celebrate her heart transplant?

A balloon seller whose head has mysteriously morphed into a balloon

Reed... for sale?

Every damsel in distress needs one of these. Yum. Tasty! Wonder if he'd just popped in for more nails for his armour?

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