Thursday, 6 May 2010


This is the second election I have been unable to vote in. The reason is the same: each time I have been living at Mr Grumpy's and he hasn't allowed me to register myself as officially living here. I am furious. Yet another reason why I must leave. I mean, it's my RIGHT to have a vote. I suppose he thinks it might affect his council tax or something. Imagine if my one tiny vote would make all the difference as to who got in. Imagine if my one vote would have prevented a hung parliament. It makes me feel a non-person, as if I'd just arrived at Heathrow, not someone who has lived here all my life.

Right. Rant over. Now to some pretty piccies of bluebells in the front garden.

And pinkbells. They're a pinky lilac colour.

And whitebells.