Tuesday, 4 May 2010


The last 20 kilo bag of birdseed I bought lasted from December to late March and cost a mere £9.99, much more economical than buying those tiddly little bags you get in Sainsburys or the pet shop. I worked out the birds would cost me no more than £50 a year, counting the odd supplement of fat balls and niger seed.

Wrong! The second bag lasted a mere five weeks. It ran out today. Last week, I went on line to order another bag and lo and behold, the price has gone up to £12.99. This is still the cheapest I can find for such a huge bag. They sent me an email to say it would be delivered on May 4th - today - and someone had to be in to sign for it. At ten this morning, I had another email giving me an ETA of between 3.49 and 4.49 (a rather strange time).

It's now 6.04 and I am still waiting. So are the birds.

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