Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Although it's now almost eight years since I found my daughter, having been separated from her for a bleak 36 years,  getting a Mother's Day card from her is still a terrific thrill. This year, she has proved that she truly is her birth mother's daughter by sending the kind of card I would have sent my own mum, all three of us sharing the same smutty sense of humour! It bears a water colour picture of a colourful rooster and inside she has written, 'I thought you'd appreciate a big...' (fill in the word yourself!).

Mr Grumpy loves the website thedogsdoodahs,com, which has a great range of cards for all occasions, many them quite ribald, plus templates that enable you to design your own. He send me one from Flad to me and inside it reads, 'Fank u for cuddling me.' Aaaah!

I hope all the mums reading this got their well-deserved quota of cards, flowers and warm, loving wishes today.


Jacula said...

Lovely cards you had! And I'm really pleased that Mr. G. took time to make a card for you.

I had a hand-drawn card off my son (which I'll scan to my blog tomorrow) and some coffee and walnut fudge. My daughter didn't give me a card but she did give me a fleecy cow poncho 'to wear when you're sitting at the computer with the window open, Mum' and she's making some cupcakes to give me when she sees me o Tusday.

Jacula said...

Incidentally, a few weeks ago I was in a card shop looking for a card for something else when I spotted the perfect birthday card for you. In fact, I thought you'd modelled for it. You'll see what I mean when you get it at the end of the week. xxx

hydra said...

Ooh, can't wait, Jacula! And I just realised I have given away my real name by publishing the pic of Flad's card. So much for an anonymous blog!!!

Jacula said...

I think you've done it before with a cake some years ago. lol

Alesha Martin said...

Nice cards. Well, I think they are Unique? anyways, my heartfelt mothers day greetings to all of great moms around the world. Happy Mother's day!