Saturday, 16 March 2013

Coming back to life... slowly.

I postponed my birthday meal (b-day is tomorrow, folks!) until a week today, as so many of us are ill. This latest bug seems to be taking its toll. I don't mean the sickness one, I mean the hacking cough, streaming cold, earache and deafness one, which I have had on and off for the last six weeks. I spoke to a fellow sufferer today who told me that a friend of his brother's took a whole month off work with it and just stayed in bed! An extreme case of man-flu if ever I heard one.

My head is still a bit swimmy, my sinuses see-saw between the runs and the bungs, my ear hurts and I feel slightly in another world. My appetite has gone and I feel extremely tired. I went down to the shops today, only a ten minute walk, and on the return journey I felt as if I were climbing Mt Everest. My legs ached, I was panting for breath and I had no energy at all.

So, knowing that I can't feel much worse, I am about to welcome another fellow sufferer and her partner into the house (she went to the doctor and got antibiotics but they haven't helped at all because it's a virus) and open a bottle of wine. It's kill or cure time!


Romance Reader said...

Hi sorry to hear you've been ill. I've been down with a respiratory tract infection myself, which I put down to changes in the weather where I live (living in India). It has gone from mild to extremely hot here. As you are a redhead who was born on 17th of March, it sounds like you might be Irish but your blog says you're Scouse (which means you might still be Irish! I'm Irish myself, that's why I'm picking up on this). So, get well soon. Hope you had a nice birthday health problems notwithstanding. Thanks for stopping by the Romance Reader blog yesterday to comment on the Teresa Ashby post. We'd love to see you over there again sometime, so do drop by whenever you get a chance.

Maria RR

hydra said...

Thank you, Maria! I do have some Irish ancestry way back, but my grandmother on my father's side was Swedish. I am working on my family tree at the moment. In fact, I think I shall have to blog about it. I was most interested to hear that you are living in India. What part?