Monday, 4 February 2013

The Car Park King

I watched the live conference in Leicester avidly this morning and am SO thrilled that it really is the skeleton of Richard lll. Mr Grumpy and I had a bet on it and I won.

The most fantastic thing of all is how he was found, as a result of screenwriter Philippa Langley's hunch. To quote from an interview in the Sunday Times, she was ambling across a nondescript car park when, although it was a hot summer's day, "I had goosebumps so badly and I was freezing cold. I walked past a particular spot and absolutely knew I was walking on his grave."

She was researching for a play about Richard and wanted to visit places connected to him, but how weird is that? She raised the cash for a dig, and they found the skeleton in that spot and what was even weirder was that a large red R had been painted there - for Reserved and Richard!

As you know, I do believe in things both synchronistic and psychic. I can't wait to see the facial reconstruction, which I think is being shown on telly tonight, and find out just how accurate those medieval portrait painters were. Maybe he'll look like Laurence Olivier in his famous role! My kingdom for a horse or, in the case of his last resting place, horsepower.

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