Friday, 22 February 2013

Charlie's little problem

Charlie, of course, is the ginger cat who ran away from his home a few streets away and has moved in with us. His previous owner informed us that he had a problem with crystals in his urine and was on a special diet. The reason I mentioned this will shortly be revealed.

The first time Charlie did it, I thought I was mistaken. The second time, I was mystified. The third time, I wasn't sure. By the fourth time, I was. You see, if you stroke Charlie when he's lying curled up in his bed all sleepy and warm, he, er... how can I put this politely?... gets aroused. I have never known this behaviour in a neutered male before. I stroke him, he begins to purr, then he starts to knead with his front paws and the next moment, his head is 'down there' and he is licking himself with gusto.

I have Googled the problem (found myself watching some very strange YouTube videos!) and kept coming up with answers that told you to take the cat to the vet as he most surely had... a urinary problem. Well, I'm sure if Charlie had one of those, we'd know, as he'd be in obvious pain and distress. Instead, he's a happy, well-fed cat. I reckon the reason his last owner took him to the vet was because she'd been on Google, too, and the reason he left home could have been the fact that he hated his special diet... and wanted to be allowed to indulge in his favourite vice without being stuffed in a pet carrier and carted off to the vet's yet again.

He doesn't behave this way if I stroke him while he is sitting up, so that's what I will have to do if I don't want to be subjected to his embarrassing behaviour. Embarrassing for me, that is, not him. He looks perfectly contented. We used to have a cat called BC. I think we'd better rename Charlie BJ.


Jacula said...

I think he does have a problem and it doesn't manifest itself when he's sitting up. If the crystals continue to build up he will end up in terrible pain.

hydra said...

He never, ever licks down there unless I stroke him. He doesn't do it when Alan strokes him! There is some connection with him feeling pleasure from the stroking and doing the kneading and chomping. His previous owner still has pet insurance for him. I wish she'd take him back because he is making poor old Flad's life a misery!